Mayoral Nomination Meeting:

Saturday 18th July 2020

We have the opportunity to nominate, as a CLP, our two preferred candidates for the upcoming Mayoral elections. We shall be using online voting for the first time and all eligible attendees will receive an email from me after the meeting to enable them to vote for their chosen candidate. We are allowed to make two nominations with at least one of them being a woman nominee. In order to be eligible to vote you must attend the online meeting and have been a member since 20th November 2019 (the freeze date decided by region was 6 months membership up to 19th May 2020).


Nomination Zoom Meeting Saturday July 18th at 2 pm

Time: Jul 18, 2020 02:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 880 3383 3981

Password: 593289


We have invited all the candidates to meet with us and share their understanding of the role and why they are the best candidate.  We gave them all up to 15 minutes to speak and asked them all the same questions.

Below are the Statements from the different candidates:


Mr R Barrett Statement

Thank you for taking time to read my statement, I’ll begin by introducing myself. I have
lived in Cambridge for most of my life growing up in Cherry Hinton, I then moved to
Peterborough for a few years after college and decided to go to university in Cambridge.
I was raised by my older brother mainly but I also lived for a few years with my sister and
other brother in Peterborough. This all has contributed to me learning a great deal with
regards to life, already you can see from my brief history that I am very different from
the rest of the candidates.
This is a strength I have, as I understand life and with that experience, I also understand
what people in the country need. I will be fair, just and will be the one willing to make the
necessary change we all want to see.
I am driven, hard working, dedicated, understanding, logical, honest and most
importantly ready. Being from a black background means I can appreciate the minorities
and what they go through on a day to day basis but I do not blame anyone for their
ancestor’s mistakes.
I will be fair to all people and things, in all my decisions. I will also be firm in any voted
decisions made as I believe in power for the people. A vote for me, is a vote for a better
Yours Faithfully,
Mr Rob Barrett
Contact Details


Rebecca Denness

I will win as Labour’s Mayoral candidate for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
because I can demonstrate a solid record of public service locally, regionally and
in Whitehall, and will hit the ground running implementing my manifesto priorities,
underpinned by sensible environmental principles:

• Corona recovery,
• Post-transition Brexit, with greater support for local businesses e.g.
green transport and affordable housing, and
• Merger of health and social care.

My experience includes leading on policy, such as optimising Young People’s life
chances. I worked with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and other authorities
across the region, getting to know communities’ characteristics and listening to
colleagues ideas and criticisms. I took these opinions to meetings in Whitehall
ensuring that national policy reflected the region. As Metro Mayor, I would do the
same using the Office to raise the profile of the authority, which has been largely
ignored until now. I know how Westminster works, enabling me to get greater
funding for our region.

I enjoy campaigning with Labour colleagues and lead effective teams. I will be the
candidate to beat because my reputation led to my election as a Labour Councillor
in a staunch Conservative area. Voters put a cross against the Labour Red Rose
when my name is next to it. Choose me and the second directly elected Metro
Mayor will be the candidate wearing the red rosette.

Please get in touch with any question or issue you’d like to discuss. I’m looking
forward to hearing from you.

Contact Details
or direct message me via Twitter at


Dennis Jones

Becoming the first Labour councillor to be elected in my ward after 38 years was not
achieved by chance.
It was the result of running a people effective and time efficient campaign that looked at the
changing demographics in the ward and developing an understanding of the issues that
faced everyone.
The campaign was based on two ingredients: Giving the electorate what they were looking
for which was an understanding of them, their lives and their challenges.
No quick fixes were promised just hard work based on strong personal and political integrity.
The second, perhaps key, ingredient was a willingness to talk to people, in shops, on streets,
in community groups and, most of all, in their homes.
We identified Labour voters. We gave voters the opportunity to have postal votes. I
identified community leaders and opinion formers.
The result was astounding. My record inside and outside the chamber has, I hope, justified
their faith.
The people of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough can expect no less in this campaign – and
beyond. With personal integrity, charisma and, above all, a belief in Labour values and a
willingness to implement them will deliver a strong campaign for the party.
I am also chair of the Central England/Anglia Cooperative party.
Expect to see co-operative values embedded and enacted throughout my campaign and
tenure as mayor.
A joint campaign with the PCC candidate will also deliver a strong, clear, message that the
current Mayor’s time is up and Labour is ready to make a difference.
Contact Details
Councillor Dennis Jones
Dogsthorpe Ward
Peterborough City Council
Tel: 07809 702336


Dr Nik Johnson

I’m an NHS doctor, Labour councillor and trade unionist with an unwavering commitment
and total passion for public service.
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough faces huge political and ideological challenges as our
communities begin to recover from the CoVid-19 pandemic.
It not just a health crisis, it’s an economic crisis too. We have to show that only a Labour
mayor with Labour values can drive the healing process.
We have to show that only the Labour way will help with the recovery. We have to show
that the answer is not more austerity and privatisation. We have to show it’s only
democratic socialism that can bring about an inclusive and fairer society.
I’ll champion 21st century transport, affordable housing and decent jobs.
I am a winner and I want us to win.
I am a candidate who is at home in both our rural shires and in our metropolitan areas.
I know how to win in places Labour normally doesn’t – I am the first Labour district
councillor in St Neots in 30 years.
I’ll campaign hard with councillors; the PCC and council candidates; and all our members so
together, we can beat the Conservatives.
As a councillor I have a proven track record of working constructively with all those around
me. My current NHS work places me at the heart of communities. I meet, help and support
people from all walks of life.
As Labour mayor I will be at the heart of the community and a force for transformative
Contact Details
15 Crow Tree Street
Great Gransden
St Neots East
Mobile 07957 210183
Kind regards


Statement from Ed Murphy

To tackle poverty and economic disadvantage having somebody who can win on
Labour values is essential. Whilst Labour Cambridge City are building council homes
the conservative Mayor fails to provide social housing elsewhere and has not
delivered any public transport improvements. As the planet starts to heal let us
implement our green future plans for Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. I will
champion public services with a focus on tackling inequalities, unemployment and
the housing crisis.
Elected to both Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Councils beating SDP and
Conservative incumbents. I have knowledge and expertise in the key issues of
delivery for the Combined Authority; regeneration, transport and housing. I have
local knowledge and a national perspective. I worked for Labours No10
Neighbourhood Renewal Unit as a Director delivering a multi- million programme.
I have 30 years of experience for Labour in Cambridgeshire. In 2010 as
Parliamentary Candidate I bucked the trend achieving a swing towards Labour, at
the 2012 PCC elections (6% behind the Conservative) winning both in Peterborough
and Cambridge, which is essential to win this time. Elected in Ravensthorpe 6 times
and my experience in other elections demonstrate I am able to get votes out to win
here in 2021. I am currently a member of the Combined Authority Scrutiny and
Overview Committee and lead for housing.
I will introduce modern affordable public transport through franchising to establish
and deliver reliable public transport services, promote fair models of employment,
deliver new social housing provision and tackle inequalities in Cambridgeshire and
Telephone mobile 07572463900 Home 01733 315565
e mail
Twitter EdMurphy@eddiemurphy4pcc Facebook eddiemurphy4pcc/facebook
June 2020

Katie Thornburrow

I joined Labour to make a difference, and as executive councillor for planning policy and
open spaces in Cambridge I’ve been able to do an enormous amount, improving the
planning service, developing our food policy, responding to the climate and biodiversity
emergencies, and helping develop our next Cambridge and South Cambs local plan. I’ve also
been part of the team dealing with the current pandemic.
After a year’s work on the local plan, I know we can do something remarkable. Something
that can help achieve net zero carbon, improve the way we live and work, and transform
communities while tackling inequality.
But our ambitions as Labour are blocked by an intransigent, uncooperative Mayor. We need
a Labour Mayor who can deliver things like a sustainable transport policy and a local
economy that provides good jobs,, with fair employment terms that pay a living wage. I
believe my record as an effective councillor in my ward and on the executive demonstrates
that I can do this.
FInally, having run a small business for many years, I’m acutely aware of the need for careful
financial management and the importance of bringing in the right people. The Tory Mayor
has failed in both respects.
I understand that winning will be hard, but as the first Labour councillor for Trumpington for
seventy years, I am up for that challenge. We need a Labour Mayor to deliver social justice,
sustainable development, and decent transport and I ask for your support in achieving our
Katie Thornburrow
Contact Details
07480 246939

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